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Monday, January 18, 2010

In the town that I live in, there is a place called by the locals "the Climbing Rocks", which most locals have not even been to the Rocks. The Climbing Rocks use to be a well hidden secret amongst the rock and ice climbing groups. However, that has changed it has become internationally known for passionate climbers.
Recently, I have decided to do a series of pictures of the Climbing Rocks for the local coffee shop and antique store, "The Common Cafe and Antiques". This coffee shop is about a mile and a half down the road from the Climbing Rocks which a lot of hikers and climbers will stop at to warm up in the winter.

So, during a warm snap (35F) I went to the Climbing Rocks so that I could get as close as I could to the icy cliffs. I climbed up the hill right below these icy cliffs which was pretty tricky. Actually treacherous with out spike clamp ons. The snow was slick, and the hill just steep enough to make sliding a fact not just a possiblility. It took a while but I finally grappled my way up to the ledge below the ice climbers. I was not wearing a helmet (I am bad) and every time the climbers used their picks the ice came raining down on my head, ouch.

In this capture, I found what I think looks like a woman's face on the rocks. Much to my surprise!!

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