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Friday, October 2, 2009

Near to Tears

Well, last night was a real bummer. My room-mate for the last 14 months has decided that she does n't want a room-mate any more. So now I am out looking for a place to live. This whole thing is really disappointing, I moved up here from CT on her request. When I moved up here, the economy tanked and finding a job has been tortuous at best. However, I found a couple of part time jobs ranging from housecleaning, working at a dog kennel, to working in a stone store. None of these jobs paid much, and I am struggling daily to pay rent, print pictures, etc. Unfortunately for everyone, my money did not stretch enough to cover everything adequately.I have been able to register my car, get insurance or pay any of my long term bills. Last month, I had a opportunity to hang my images in two different galleries which took all of my money to do. I thought my room-mate understood this, however that would not be the case.
So, the conclusion to this really interesting problem is that I might not be able to update this blog very often but will try. Please be patient and I am sure everything will work out just fine if not better then ever.

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