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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quincy Bog, More Images For Bog Lovers

A much needed hike through the Quincy Bog area was needed for my state of mind. I am so fortunate to be so close to so many natural areas here in the White Mountains of NH.
On this day I was in search of birds,beavers,moose, or even a dragonfly to shoot (with camera of course).

I hiked to the ledges at Quincy Bog, but it was too dark for some really good pictures. The walk to the ledges was great, however a dog suddenly showed up in front of the path that Santos (my dog) and I were walking. Now, my dog is always on a leash but this other dog was not. So, we stopped, and I tried to coax the strange dog off the path. Finally the owner arrived with four more dogs, all of course were off leash, so now I had to deal with five off leash dogs running around trying to get close to my dog. Okay, maybe you should know that my dog is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. Can we say very big. The owners started gathering up their dogs, putting leads on them and I am trying to keep my dog calm. Finally, everything is under control, and the ladies apologized. They went on their way, and I on my way to take more pictures and hopefully no more off leash dogs.
One this day, there were loons in the bog, however I left my telephoto lens in the car. So, I could watch them, and hope that they would get closer to where I was sitting, but they never did. I did see some red ribbon snakes, however I was too busy freaking out (huge phobia) to take a picture.
There are a lot of people that visit the Bog, birders, photographers,hikers,runners, and all are very nice, I have found.
I hope if you every have a chance to visit this wonderful natural area.

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