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Monday, July 27, 2009

Okay, Its My Birthday

Yep, it is my Birthday and I am celebrating my 55 years on the planet. Yep, 10 more years to social security if there is any left for me at that time. I am one those people that likes to celebrate my birthday or anyone's, however since most people are away on vacation at this time, it is usually a very slow day.
When I was young, my Mother would buy a cake for my birthday because it would be too hot to bake. We did not have big birthday parties when I was growing up, and birthdays were not a big deal either.
Not true for my own kids, I remember hosting a backwards birthday party for one of my daughters, where every thing was done backwards including wearing your clothes backwards. It was so much fun, and the kids were wild about it, including the parents.
So, for my birthday this year I went out and bought a chocolate cake with peanut butter chocolate frosting "YUMMY". I can hardly wait to have some but I will wait till tonight and have a slice with my room mate and her new friend.
Birthdays should be a big deal. I know some people hate birthdays. They moan and groan and truly make a spectacle of themselves. Yes, you are getting older, so what; we are born, we live, we die, and you better dance like no one is watching except maybe at a funeral.Though, I can think of a few people that would enjoy having people dancing at their funeral, I am one of them .
So this is what I want to do for my birthday. I want some one to blow bubbles so I can take pictures of the bubbles. Yep, that is right, I want bubbles. I told this to my room-mate and she rolled her eyes at me like I was some kind of idiot. That is okay, its my party and I want bubbles, dammit.
Nope, not sad about my birthday at all. I have done a lot in my 55 yrs, some I will talk about, others I rather keep to myself, and I must say I have very few regrets. Regrets are for fools who look to the past instead of enjoying the here and now! I remember jumping from bridges to swim in a river ( if you remember the Silver Bridge- email me), I have ridden horses, run marathons, biked lots of miles, walked even more miles ( and still do), I have fallen in love and out, I have had a soul mate, owned dogs and cats and even a goat. I have owned 10 cars so far, the first three looked like I ran them in a demolition derby. One car my first husband flipped over with me in it. The rest of cars survived much better as I got older and more careful. I owned have owned new cars from the dealer and have bought used. I will not being buying new any time soon, I would rather spend my money on cameras, lenses, laptop (hint, hint)
Back to being happy about where I am right now. I have three great children, three grandchildren, and a son in law. They all live out in California and they are doing well. I have a 10 year old SUV that serves me well, a 5 year old German Shepherd/Great Dane and he goes hiking with me at least three to four times a month. So, you see I am happy to be 55 years old, and I am dancing as fast as can!


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday and dance until the sun comes up and some more :)

  2. thank you so much and dance like no one is looking !!

  3. Indeed that is what it is all about :-)

  4. Indeed that is what it is all about :-)