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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thoughts on Composition

My thoughts on thoughtful composition with a touch of creativity.

Successful composition exists where the diverse elements of a scene is presented to create a particular effect: peace,harmony, drama, and discord.

It is important to learn to recognize the "natural" harmony contained in flowers and gardens: this will help the photographer to produce a more satisfying composition.
Check for distractions IE plant labels,passer by, and other distractions like my dog walking in front of the plant I am shooting and ..... well use your imagination. Often, our eyes do not see the distractions, such as telephone wires, branches and well you get the idea.

For the ideal capture, set up the camera on a tripod so you can depict only what you want to include in your capture. Good time to look for any of those pesky distractions.

Consider your subject from all angles, not just from the top. Consider
lying on your back and shoot the picture at this angle. Sometimes I take a potted plant and put it up high to get this angle. I carry a step ladder in my car just for this purpose.

Look for unusual subjects that have angles,patterns to create a more original or striking composition.

Ensure that your photographs have a clear center of interest; use mass, colour or contrast to achieve this. Also, use natural gardens, wildflowers in a field,paths, and avenues that create scale and perspective and a sense of depth.

I find that one of the best ways to get a really great composition in a photograph is to have flowers in odd numbers such as one flower or three flower etc.
Well that is it for thoughtful composition for today. Please leave comments if you would like to or add any other suggestions.

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