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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day Lily 01.jpg

Day Lily 01.jpg
Day Lily 01.jpg,
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Fantastic day today. I went to the Sculpture Rocks and hiked the trail. The trail was etched out by ice, and the rocks are very special. The gorge has these gorgeous waterfalls, swimming pools, and fabulous plants. First, Santos (my German Shepherd) went to the rocks that form the Gorge, these were shaped in the last ice age by glaciers. We climbed around taking photos of people jumping off cliffs into pools of water that are very deep.
We then went on the trail, and we searched out the bogs and miniature waterfall. Unfortunately, I got bit by a deer fly which was very itchy. When I was leaving my hand blew up twice the size of normal. I had to go home to get some Benydral, My hand is still pretty big, been icing it all evening but it is still getting bigger. I must be very allergic to the Deer Fly.
Tonight, I am processing the photographs I took and probably I will uploading then some time next week.
Have a nice evening!

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