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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am very excited today. I received a call from a women who runs the Art Gallery in Ashland New Hampshire. She explained to me that she needs another photographer for the gallery. For whatever reason she only has one photographer showing at the gallery and would love to see my work to see if it is a fit. The appointment was originally set for Aug 25 but today it was moved up to Aug 15th.
Now I am panicked, do I have what it takes? Do I have enough money to print up the 4 to 5 captures for the jury to judge? My head is in a whirl. I am anxious,and restless and am finding it hard to work on the images I took yesterday. I even had to go to my happy place (meditation) for a while.
Now, I am back to work on my images, the one above is the first one I got done today. However, I am easily distracted from my work. I would love to talk to some one about my work, another photographer to help me decide which ones to show. I don't know anyone locally, so I will have to go with out having another s input.
I am scared, thrilled, and pretty much loco

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