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Friday, August 7, 2009

Yellow Day Lily01.jpg

Yellow Day Lily01.jpg
Yellow Day Lily01.jpg,
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Ooops, it has been a long, and exciting week here in lovely New Hampshire. First of all, a new coffee shop in Rumney opened Aug 1 and when I went to check it out I got to talking to the owner Brian. I was working on my laptop of my media, and he was very impressed. He asked me if I wanted to show my images in his cafe and of course I said yes. Now, here is the twister, that was on Aug 1, and he wanted the images framed by Aug 8th, oh my god. So like a made woman I have been running around getting mats,frames,prints,business cards,flyers,and the list goes on. Well,pretty much at the same time, I got a call from an Art Gallery, and they would like me to come in for the jury process. At first, that is suppose to be on Aug 25, but three days later the Art Gallery called and said the jury process was moved up to Aug 18. Doesn't sound bad right, well there is a lot to do when you are being juried or showing. So, yes I have been running around trying to find an acceptable printer, framer, and what ever else.
Then to top it off, I had an accident while shooting rapids and waterfalls. Note to self, must buy better sandals for walking through rivers and rocks. Long story short, I slipped on a rock in the middle of the rapids and landed on my camera on the rock. The body of the camera is okay, but the wide angle lense is messed up. Oh, and I am a little messed up. Knee banged and cut, throat cut and banged by camera, and my chest has a big ugly bruise from the rock. Like I said I am having one crazy week. But, thank god the camera is okay!

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