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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Dragonfly Quincy Bog

Quincy Bog is located in Rumney New Hampshire. It is a natural area that is maintained very nicely by a conservation group.
The bog is teeming with life, at first you can hear the sounds of life. After being there for a little while you can start to see the insects in the bog. I found a Red Dragonfly and then a damsel which I took shots of. It was an extremely humid day, the sweat was pouring off of my face and body in bucket loads. My dog was doing a rather loud pant which I surmised would not allow me to see much. But, I saw dragonflies galore with in inches of me. Now, I did not have my telephoto lens with me because I made this stop on a lark.

Some of my best photography is very spontaneous. Projects percolate as I am doing the actual photographing. So, most of the time I do not know where the universe is taking me creatively. When I work with clients, it very structured and limiting creatively. My passion really comes out when I am hiking in the woods and stumble across the magic with in.

On this blog, I managed to upload some articles on how to shoot dragonflies. These photographers know what they are doing and supply much needed advice to yours truly. The biggest help is to remain patient and still, which I think is a very zen like activity. So, sweat dripping and misquitos biting I have captured my favorite insects.

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  1. Outstanding photos - any chance of using a few on our website?